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ADM Stories

We’re one of the world’s largest nutrition companies—committed to people, communities and the planet. We offer sustainable, innovative solutions to meet the world’s most fundamental needs for food, drink and more. We are Team ADM. These are our stories.

Shaping the Industry’s Conversations on D&I: Understanding the Value of Networking with ADM’s Jennifer Walker

In the second of our two-part series of interviews with ADM’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) champions, we talk to Jennifer Walker, ADM’s VP for HR, following her participation at the recently held workshop organized by the Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) entitled “Your Network is Your Net Worth”. We spoke with Jennifer about her views on networking, tips on how even introverts can get started, and the important role that companies play in collectively advancing D&I efforts. Read more.

Recognizing Innovation: ADM Wins Ingredient Innovation Award At FiE CONNECT 2020

At this year’s virtual Food ingredients Europe, the continent’s largest gathering of food and beverage professionals, ADM’s innovative ProFam? Pea 580 solution has won the prestigious Ingredients Innovation Award. The judges assessed innovation by comparing taste, texture, functionality and nutritional value with non-plant-based products. They also compared our solution to competitors. Read more.

How ADM Derives Natural Blue Coloring from a Little-Known South American Fruit

From the outside, there’s nothing blue about the Huito fruit, which grows wild in tropical regions of Central and South America. But once you cut through the thin leather skin and thick, whitish pulp, you can see it: blue pigment naturally present in the fruit appears upon exposure to the air. ADM’s research and development team has developed a patented and proprietary technology to optimize the process using traditional fruit juice processing methods. ADM has built relationships with the suppliers of the Huito fruit, and we have an exclusive agreement for the supply of the unique raw material needed to develop this blue color. Read more.

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